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Music & Lyrics by Lindy Gravelle C 2014
Lorelle Music BMI
We’ve played on the floor, watched movies and shows
We’ve sung silly songs in a van on the road
To soccer games, where I’ve watched you play
Cheerin’ you on and shoutin’ your name
I’ve helped you with homework, amazed with your mind
You taught me a lot in a very short time
‘Cause you’re wonderful, you’re beautiful
And I just wanted you to know:
My GRANDCHILD, oh, you are an awesome child
How you make my heart smile with just the thought of you (2nd time to bridge)
GRANDCHILD, I would walk a thousand miles
Just to be with you awhile, my GRANDCHILD

We talk on the phone, I see you with Skype
But nothin’s as good as holdin’ you tight
Right next to me, and feel you breathe
Oh, that’s when I feel that my life’s complete
Sometimes I imagine how you’ll look someday
When you’re all grown up and I’m old and gray
Oh, I want your dreams all to come true
And please don’t forget how much I love you