~Happy July~

Happy 4th of July!


Hello Fan/Friendz!

I went searching for an image with the red, white and blue... and here's what I found! Yes, those are MY feet in those RED High-Top Converse sneakers, WHITE Whippet socks and BLUE rolled-up jeans! Ha!

I'm hoping you're all planning something fun for the Fourth, wherever you may be in this good ol' USA, this Wednesday! I'll be staying close to home with some fun time planned with family and friends, a perfect way to celebrate!

I've got just TWO public performances this month and they're both this weekend:

Fri. July 6th



Brassie's Bar is located in Niblick & Greene's Restaurant, at Eagle Crest Resort, 1522 Cline Falls Road, Redmond, OR. It's just left of the resort's main entrance, in the building with the clock tower. Come and check out this very fun and attractive golf theme restaurant and bar! pH. 541-548-4220 

Sunday, July 8th


  5-7 pm  

Heppner, Oregon City Park on Main Street

I'm particularly excited about this hometown performance because I've invited my brother, Roger, and my sister, Lorraine, to sing and play a few numbers too! When we were all younger(!) we performed there with our Dad and other siblings in our family-owned Wagon Wheel Cafe and Lounge. It's going to be a lot of fun to be together in Heppner once again! Come join us!

If any of you really are interested in coming to Heppner there's a couple of lodging options you could check out: 

1. Heppner Northwestern Motel & RV Park (541) 676-9167  

2. Willow Lake RV Park (541) 676-5576   


11th, 12th, 13th, 17th in Redmond, OR

19th in Bend, OR

21st in Salem, OR

In closing, let me thank you all for your unbelieveable kindness and support of me and my music. It's been going on for a long time and I am sooooo grateful to live in this beautiful country where I've had the opportunity to make music my whole life, thanks to YOU! Wishing you all a Happy and Safe Fourth of July wherever you are in this great land of ours! 


Tell the ones you love you do!

Love you,

Lindy Lou

P.S. Here's how/where you can get all of my music:
1. At my performances, up close and personal, where I am now selling 4 of my 7 CD's for only $5 each!
2. From my website:
All of my music is on my website with clips of each track for free previewing. All of my music is also available in a Download format too!
3. Order directly from me! Email me with your order:

Thank you SO much!