Happy November, Fan/Friendz!

Wow! The eleventh month of the year! I hope you are all anticipating a lot of fun activities that might involve some snow(?), or maybe just cozying up by a fire with family and friends. Whatever it may be, I hope it's a good time ahead for you!

I'm happy to announce that I have officially decided to record a new CD with plans to have it out in early 2019! It'll be titled "Older & Bolder" and I wish it could be ready for Christmas, but that's too soon! Anyway, I'm excited to get going on the project, reuniting with my multi-talented engineer, musician and co-producer, Matt Engle of MusiTech Studios, here in Redmond, OR! Stay tuned...

Consequently, I've got a rather light live performance schedule this month, but it's all good because I'm working on my new CD!


Come join me for the weekend following Thanksgiving!

Fri. the 23 & Sat. the 24th: Brassie's Bar, located in Niblick & Greene's Restaurant, at Eagle Crest Resort, 1522 Cline Falls Road, Redmond, OR. It's just left of the resort's main entrance, in the building with the clock tower. Come and check out this very fun and attractive golf theme restaurant and bar! pH. 541-548-4220 

Private Performances:

7th,12th, 26th, 28th: Redmond, OR

30th: Bend.,OR

I do love the Thanksgiving Holiday! It's such a wonderful way to remind ourselves how fortunate we are to live the way we do and to have loved ones to share it with. I'd like to take this opportunity to thank all of YOU who have enabled me to have such a long and rewarding career in music. I am truly grateful for your love, friendship and support. Amen!

I'm available for holiday parties and events! Please contact me ASAP if you'd like some live music to accompany your special gathering! 

Tell the ones you love you do!

Love you,

Lindy Lou

P.S. Here's how/where you can get all of my music:
1. At my performances, up close and personal, where I am now selling 4 of my 7 CD's for only $5 each!
2. From my website:
All of my music is on my website with clips of each track for free previewing. All of my music is also available in a Download format too!
3. Order directly from me! Email me with your order:

Thank you SO much!