Greetings, Fan/Friendz,

Here's hoping you had a fun and memorable Labor Day Holiday Weekend. I had one myself and am feeling happy and thankful for it. I imagine that most of you are aware of another mass shooting that recently occurred in Bend, OR, just down the road from my hometown of Redmond. We're still somewhat in disbelief that it happened here in Central Oregon. Our hearts have been heavy. I trust that time will be a healing ally, and that action will soon be taken in our country to make the changes that will help to stop these horrific tragedies.

I'm afraid I don't have a public performance to invite you to this month, but I do have a new music creation that I'd like to share with you:

Since my childhood, I've loved the classic American poem titled "Trees" by Joyce Kilmer. He wrote it in 1913. During Covid I had more time to let my muse wander and I came across the poem and thought it could become a song. I wrote the melody to his words and repeated the first verse as if it were a chorus. I recorded it live at my grand piano using the app "Garage Band." A dear friend who is also a songwriter and recording artist named "Earth Mama" suggested that I create a video using tree photos to illustrate the lyrics. It's quite simple and raw, but I thought it was good enough to share with all of you who love Trees by Joyce Kilmer. The video is on YouTube. Here's the link to it and a copy of the poem:

Trees Video Link


Tell the ones you love you do,

Love you,

Lindy Lou