Dear Fan/Friendz, 

Many of you know that in the past few Covid months I've been fortunate to continue performing in outdoor settings, both public and private. I've been extremely amazed by your genorous and loving support as we've shared some great times together under restricted circumstances. I want to particularly thank Tim Irvine, manager of the Silverleaf Cafe at Eagle Crest Resort, for booking me for several fun nights on the patio. 

Tim has asked me to perform some more nights, indoors, during this month of October. I am very grateful for his offer, but after a lot of heart-tugging contemplation I have decided NOT to go inside, due to the risk of Covid being spread among you guys, Tim, his employees, myself and my husband. But if we do have a warm night this month that would work for both Tim's and my schedules, we may give it a go outside again... I'll surely let you know! 

In the meantime if any of you come up with a need for music/entertainment for a small, socially distant, Covid-Correct event, please contact me. 

I don't know how long my "Pause" button is going to be on for bar and restaurant venues, but I do know I love you and I'm going to miss you dearly, but I just can't be a possible catalyst for spreading a deadly virus. I hope you understand! 

Stay Safe, Stay Healthy

Tell the ones you love you do! 

Love you, 

Lindy Lou 

P.S. Here's how/where you can get all of my music: 

1. At my performances, where I am now selling my new CD, Older & Bolder, for $15 and 4 of my vintage CD's for only $5 each! 

2. From my website:'s 
All of my music is on my website with clips of each track for free previewing. All of my music is also available in a Download format too! 

3. Order directly from me! Email me with your order: