Greetings Fan/Friendz,

Come what May! I've got a live performance on Saturday, May 15th and you'll be surprised to hear where it's going to be... I'm going to Maupin! Yep, the little town up north of Central Oregon, along Hwy 197. Over the years, Tom and I have made it a stopping place on many of our trips between here and Washington. We've always found it to be a very friendly small town and very accommodating to our needs. Here's the scoop:

In Kaiser Park on Deschutes Ave. (across the street from the Maupin Market, a grocery, deli and liquor store). You can't miss it! It's along the upper portion of Maupin. The lower portion of Maupin is along the banks of the Deschutes River. Sooooo, if you'd like to make a little road trip on Sat. May 15th, come on up, down, or over and meet me in Maupin! We'll have a reeeeeal goooood time!

Tell the ones you love you do!

Love you,

Lindy Lou

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