1. Climate Change

From the recording Climate Change

Recorded at SoundSmith Studios, Bend, OR


Words & Music by Lindy Gravelle, Copyright 2020 by Lorelle Music BMI
It’s An Inconvenient Truth, But this troubled news keeps gettin’ my attention It says our Planet Earth is heatin’ up And we’re clearly headed in the wrong direction
I’ve read about global warming But all I’ve ever done is turn the page But now the writing’s on the wall and no more can I ignore CLIMATE CHANGE
I’ve been fortunate to travel Around this world of awesome, natural wonder But I see the glaciers melting And I cried when the fires burned Down Under
Rising oceans, floods and droughts, And we’re losin’ count of storms and hurricanes And the animals are losin’ homes And humans are the cause of CLIMATE CHANGE
Some say it’s just a hoax, Or just a reoccurring cycle or phase But the truth is in the science And the proof is all the numbers out of range 1. If we don’t make some real corrections 1. We’re gonna pay the consequences of CLIMATE CHANGE 2. But we can make some real corrections 2. And stop the consequences of CLIMATE CHANGE
The carbon footprints we lay down Are wreakin’ tons of havoc in our atmosphere But it’s not too late to cut consumption Get off the fossil fuels we keep burnin’ here
Let’s think of future generations Make ‘em proud we care enough to mend our ways And clean up this mess in our nest So our kids won’t have to live with CLIMATE CHANGE (Repeat Chorus with positive, alternate #2 lines)